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Get the Gist with Our Translation Wizard

Secure Machine Translation Gisting

Pairaphrase’s Translation Wizard provides the perfect space for quick copy-and-paste translations—particularly those that are confidential. While our safe and secure File Translator tool takes care of your more cumbersome translation projects, the Translation Wizard will translate any snippet of text securely with just a couple of clicks or taps.

Many machine translation gisting tools don’t address the security concerns involved with language translation, which could cost organizations exorbitant amounts of money in data breaches.

With Pairaphrase, we use a secure SSL certified https protocol during the translation process, in addition to SHA-2 and 4096-bit encryption. File storage is also encrypted via Amazon S3.

Check out the graphic below to see how easy it is to gist a translation with Pairaphrase!

Pairaphrase vs. Other Machine Translation Gisting Tools

With Pairaphrase, you can rest assured that when you machine translate confidential information, your information won’t be indexed or stored in search engines, or sold to third parties. The only place your translation memories are saved is in your organization’s privately accessible translation memory bank. These are only made available for designated members of your organization, and you have the option to delete these permanently. After you gist translations with the Translation Wizard, your data is scrubbed clean from the tool.

Many former users of free online machine translation gisting tools have opted for Pairaphrase as part of their Risk Management strategy and ensure that their data won’t be made available for anyone’s eyes but their own. Choose Pairaphrase as your trusted machine translation gisting app and translate confidentially, quickly and smoothly!

Translate 57 Languages with our Translation Wizard

Pairaphrase allows you to translate 5,000 language pairs! No matter where you need to do business, you’ll be able to translate to and from 57 languages, including common commercial languages. Type or paste your text into the Translation Wizard, select your target language and click “Translate”—it’s that easy!

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