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How it Works

Pairaphrase Translation Management System

The Pairaphrase translation management system harnesses the power of artificial intelligence by combining powerful machine learning algorithms with cloud technologies to provide users with fast, safe and smart computer-assisted translation.


As a Microsoft Silver partner, Pairaphrase originally developed its translation management system using Microsoft’s translation framework. We built upon this foundation by partnering with more machine translation providers while adding proprietary AI-powered translation technologies to give you lightning fast translations, high translation accuracy and tools that make collaboration as easy and fast as possible.


Pairaphrase was built on something that many translation management systems fail to provide to their users: security. Security breaches are becoming more commonplace, and the threat they pose to organizations worldwide can have devastating consequences. Our software gives you peace of mind with state-of-the-art data security technology. With everything from SSL certification, data encryption, SSO and two-step authentication. And it’s our strict policy to never index user data or share it with third parties. Learn more.

Ease of Use

Unlike many other translation management systems, Pairaphrase provides a simple user interface. You won’t find a clunky, confusing toolbar or any unnecessary features. Everything we include is of critical importance to a quality translation experience, and we leave out everything that isn’t. It takes little to no time to learn and use Pairaphrase. Anyone on your team can start using Pairaphrase within just a couple minutes.


File Translation

With Pairaphrase, you get the fastest translations possible.

Our File Translator translates any of compatible 24 files, including PowerPoint presentations, Excel Spreadsheets, PDF’s, scanned documents, InDesign files and much more. All within a matter of just seconds and minutes.

What’s more, our translation management system makes simultaneous, multi-file translation possible. When you upload multiple file types at once, Pairaphrase translates these quickly and your output file is found in the exact same format as the original. Original images, font properties and spacing are kept intact so that you don’t need to spend time on formatting. All files are encrypted and stored using Amazon S3.

Copy & Paste Translation
If you find yourself needing to quickly gist an email or snippet of text, copy and paste it into the Translation Wizard. Pairaphrase developed this tool as a fast and safe alternative to copy-and-paste translation tools commonly available on the web that have little to no security. When you leave the Translation Wizard, all your text is scrubbed from the tool— never stored or indexed.

Translation Memory
Pairaphrase uses Dynamic Machine Learning in its translation management system to understand your words and phrases for auto-populating your future translations. This data is stored in your personal memory bank, and you have control over permanently deleting this data whenever you wish. It is never accessible to other organizations’ accounts in any way, and it is not used in our system for any translations other than your own.


Need to translate on the go? As long as you have an Internet connection, you can paste any text or upload any file from the cloud or your mobile device to Pairaphrase. Accessed through a browser, you can use Pairaphrase through Android and iOS tablets and smartphones. On-the-go translations have never been faster, safer and easier as they are with Pairaphrase.


With change-tracking, easy sharing and real-time co-editing capabilities, Pairaphrase makes team translation highly efficient. Our translation management system allows you to edit each other’s translations and share them in an instant.

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