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Pairaphrase for Medical Document Translation

Pairaphrase is a productivity enhancer for medical document translation. Our software is a solution for healthcare companies who hire human translators to provide high-accuracy medical translations.

Whether you need to translate medical literature, patient correspondence or any content that demands high-quality translations while protecting confidential data, Pairaphrase is the right solution for you.

Challenges of Medical Document Translation for the Healthcare Industry

Quality of Care
As cited by ModernHealthcare.com, “Nearly 9% of the U.S. population is at risk for an adverse [medical] event because of language barriers, according to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.”

Far too many hospitals and clinics rely on a patient’s family members to translate for them, which often results in misinformation. This pertains to medication errors, misinterpreted discharge instructions, wrong procedures, informed consent issues and more. This could lead to fatalities.

Business Implications
Not only would the aforementioned scenarios mean serious implications for your patient’s safety, it could also affect the business aspect of running your clinic or hospital. Misinformation due to erroneous medical language translation could result in lawsuits, increased readmissions and billing confusion.

As a healthcare professional, its easy to understand how this would affect an already over-stretched staff. Misinformation in billing, readmission of patients and lawsuits resulting from erroneous communication is an easy way to throw a wrench into your operations.

In fact, according to ModernHealthcare.com, “An American Medical Association survey found that costs of $150 or more for interpreter services often exceeded a physician’s payment for the visit, presenting what the AMA called a ‘significant hardship’ for practices.”

Patient Confidentiality
Another large business concern is lack of confidentiality, which has serious privacy implications for patients. With patient confidentiality and HIPAA a serious concern for healthcare providers, we understand that there is zero room for error when it comes to security.

Benefits of Pairaphrase Translation Software for Healthcare Providers

With Pairaphrase translation software for healthcare and medical, you reap the benefits of the powerful functionality listed below.

Medical Document Translation

Pairaphrase has a secure, confidential File Translator built in that allows you upload a medical document (including a scanned document) and quickly receive a “first draft” translation in a patient’s native language.

With Pairaphrase, the document translation process looks like this:

  1. Select the source language and target language
  2. Upload a file or a batch of files
  3. Receive a “first draft” translation from the software
  4. Invite a certified medical translator into the software to post-edit the text (improve the accuracy). After all, machine translation is far from perfect. 


Our Dynamic Machine Learning technology will save the improvements they make and automatically reuse them when the system identifies repetitions of that same text segment across other documents. In this way, it saves hours worked on translation and delivers continuous quality improvements over time.

Use Pairaphrase to translate medical history forms, informed consent papers, discharge papers, pamphlets, prescription information and more.

Text-to-Speech Output

Pairaphrase includes a text-to-speech translation feature that allows you to securely upload text and receive a spoken translation available for download in .wav or .mp3 format, in a female or male voice.

  1. Upload the text in a document to receive a first-draft translation
  2. Invite your certified medical translator to edit it
  3. Download audio output in a patient’s native language

These synthetic voiceovers are available in 18 different languages.

Dynamic Machine Learning

When you edit a segment of text, Pairaphrase will automatically translate repetitions of that phrase within the document and across the batch of files it was uploaded with. Whether you upload a single file or you upload a batch of files together, Dynamic Machine Learning will reduce your translation time significantly.

Translation Memory

Once you get started with Pairaphrase, it will memorize the medical terms and phrases that are post-edited by your medical translator. This means that if your translator needs to edit a specific medical phrase so that it makes more sense in the target language, the system will remember this correction.

In effect, when you make future translations, the phrase will be remembered so that you don’t need your interpreter to make that correction again for any file.

Watch the 2-minute video below to get a better understanding of how this works.

Secure Translation Software for Healthcare Documents

Pairaphrase has the highest standards in security when it comes to translation software for healthcare professionals and hospitals. Our security measures help you achieve HIPAA compliance and data privacy:

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