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Translation Software for Financial Services

Why Pairaphrase Translation Software for Financial Services Firms

If you want to expand your financial services business in today’s global economy, secure language translation software is a necessity.

Whether you’re operating a bank, insurance company, investment firm or you’re a self-practicing financial advisor, Pairaphrase will help your business thrive. Read below to find out why Pairaphrase is the number one choice in cloud-based translation software for financial services firms across the globe.

Security & Confidentiality 

At Pairaphrase, we acknowledge that data privacy is of critical importance in such a highly regulated industry. When you compare translation software for financial services companies, it’s easy to see why Pairaphrase is the top choice for safe translation.

One of the most common reasons that financial institutions and advisors choose Pairaphrase is safety and confidentiality. Pairaphrase offers an unparalleled, high level of security for all information entered into our software by users who subscribe to a paid Pairaphrase plan. To safeguard your data we use the following:

Our commitment to data security makes Pairaphrase the top translation software for financial services firms and advisors.

Easy, Lightening Speed Translation

Not only is Pairaphrase secure, but it’s fast. We engineered our software to run translations in just seconds and minutes. It’s our belief that software is supposed to make your workday more efficient, not slow you down. This is why we built in the following features:

Learn how Translation Memory will benefit your financial services firm:

Translation Memory

Pairaphrase learns your words and phrases for auto-populating future translations. When you opt for a paid Pairaphrase plan, no one else has access to your translation memories aside from authorized users in your organization. You have the ability to permanently delete these at any time.

Affordability & Flexibility

Pairaphrase offers a variety of plans and packages, making it the most flexible translation software for financial services companies and financial advisors.

If you need Pairaphrase tailored specifically to your organization, we’re more than happy to work with you on a custom solution.

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