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About Pairaphrase

Pairaphrase is more than translation software. It’s more than a brand name. It’s an ongoing mission; to solve the world’s translation challenges.

We develop cloud-based translation software to help your business reduce costs involved with accurate translation production. What’s more, we protect your data while doing so.

Our Translation Software vs. Others

Pairaphrase translation software contains robust translation productivity tools for businesses. Busy executives and teams need to efficiently produce quality translations in a secure manner, and our software makes that possible.

We improve the human translation workflow by combining machine translation with professional translation technology. Our interface is easy to use because we put all the power in the background so that you can focus on translating.

Watch the video to hear our CEO explain what separates Pairaphrase from other translation software.

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The Benefits of Pairaphrase Translation Software

Speed & Ease-of-Use

Pairaphrase is enterprise translation software that improves your productivity at work. It makes the human translation process faster and easier. In turn, this reduces your translation costs.

As is the case with all translation software, Pairaphrase cannot replace human translation entirely.

In fact, no technology can do that yet, but our Translation Memory Development service comes very close to making that a reality for you (available with top-tier plans). Regardless of whether you choose to create your own translation memories or have us develop them for you, we utilize technology that will cut down on your total input time.

Pairaphrase helps you translate business files faster and easier than ever. With our translation memory technology and cutting-edge translation algorithm, you never need to translate the same phrase twice. This, in addition to formatting preservation, has allowed Pairaphrase users to reduce translation development time by more than 50%.

No more re-formatting the output text, inserting line and paragraph breaks or replacing images. When you choose Pairaphrase as your preferred translation software, you save your organization time and money.

Risk Management – Data Security

Pairaphrase was designed from the ground up as translation software with data security. This means that we provide your organization and users the utmost security and confidentiality with all premium plans.

When you choose a premium plan, you can rest assured that none of your data is returned to any search engines nor shared with other users outside your organization. We use state-of-the art encryption technology and two-step authentication to keep your data secure. This makes Pairaphrase an integral part of your risk management strategy.


Translation is a collaborative effort requiring translation requestors, translators and reviewers to work together to complete translations. Pairaphrase translation software allows you to easily collaborate and share documents with colleagues.

This takes place in one centralized hub to improve your translation management process.

Pairaphrase makes translation collaboration as easy as typing in an email address and clicking a button. We make quick, high-quality collaborative translation possible for multinational organizations or those working with teams across the globe.

Smart Translation Software Technology

Pairaphrase translation software uses translation memory to learn your words and phrases every time you edit your file translations within the Translation Editor. As a result, Pairaphrase delivers a higher-quality translation experience than its competitors.

As your organization collaborates on editing translations within Pairaphrase, the software learns your words and phrases to deliver translations that continuously improve in quality.

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The Importance of Translation Software with Data Security

In an age of cybersecurity threats, it is important for software developers to build security into their platforms to protect data for their end users. All too often, there are gaps left in translation software that leave a user’s organization’s data vulnerable and at risk of breach.

For organizations with particularly sensitive data, this security gap is especially important to acknowledge. Translation software with data security is rare, and this unfortunately also applies to most free online software.

Search engine translation tools and many other free tools reserve the right to store your translation data for future use. This means your data is vulnerable to search engine indexing. Search engines own the right to what you enter into their tools, and therefore they can use the data in the ways they please.

Pairaphrase makes online translation safe with the confidentiality offered in its premium plans. Our paid plans include not only SSL and two-step authentication, but also file encryption technology to ensure that your confidential data is never shared or compromised.

Premium users who perform translations in the Translation Wizard can rest assured their words are scrubbed clean from the application upon exit. For these premium users, we only store translations produced using the File Translator in their organization’s own Translation Memories for future re-use and to improve the translation experience. These are only accessible to designated users within a premium user’s organization.

With our cloud-based translation software, your organization has the option to use advanced security features like Single Sign-On and two-step authentication.

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